Fall 2018,  Five Minute Friday

What Do You Value?

This post was written for the weekly Five Minute Friday blog linkup. Each week, writers respond to a one-word prompt by writing for five minutes, then share their unedited writing with each other. Click here to join the fun!

This week’s prompt: Value.

Today is Black Friday, and stores are competing for our attention with advertisements promising “value:” get this item 50% off, get one for free if you buy this one. It’s rather dizzying, all the big posters and colorful ads sprinkled through the mall and the newspaper.

Lately I’ve grown increasingly thankful for the immaterial things, and I’ve come to see material possessions as merely extras on top of what’s really important. I’m more thankful for the adventure I had shopping with my mom and sister this morning than for the deals we found. I’m thankful for the time with family yesterday more than the food we enjoyed together. I’m thankful for quality time with my closest friend, the opportunity to rest, and the time for reflection I have when I’m visiting home.

What do you value the most? What do your words and actions communicate to others about what is most important to you? After a holiday full of gratitude, are you praising God for cherished moments and memories, or are you eagerly looking through ads to find the next bargain on a new phone?