Five Minute Friday,  Winter 2018-19

The Gift of God With Us

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As we anticipate celebrating the birth of Christ in the next few days, I keep thinking about the name “Emmanuel” and all its implications. The incarnation was no everyday occurrence.

God with us. God Himself, the Creator of the universe, the Author of life, the Designer of history, fully present with us. The greatest gift of all time wrapped in a newborn baby’s body. Heaven and humanity met the moment that little baby was conceived.

What a paradox: the Almighty became helpless, and the divine became human while remaining divine. It blows my mind how and why He would choose to stoop so low.

I am in awe of the gift we have been given in the coming of Jesus to walk with us and gain victory for us. What a priceless treasure we have in Him.

What have you been thinking about this December? How does the concept of Emmanuel, God with us, make you feel? Does it give you hope? Joy? Peace? Comfort? Rest in that tonight.