Fall 2018,  Five Minute Friday,  FMF 31-Day Challenge 2018

Day 28: Song

This month, I’m participating in a Five Minute Friday challenge called “31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes,” responding to a one-word prompt for five minutes each day in October. Click here to join in!

Years ago during a worship service at my church back home, they showed a video of several church members talking about the struggles they had faced, and after telling their story, they would say, “but I’m still singing.”

Today marks five years since I woke up with a headache, and the pain has not stopped for a moment since. The 18-year-old me is still in the same pain the 13-year-old version felt. I’ve searched everywhere and tried everything without finding a solution. But I’m still singing.

My song is one of hope and confidence. I trust that God can and will take this away in His perfect timing. I believe He wants to use me to encourage others who have chronic pain. I am determined not to take on a victim mentality, feeling sorry for myself, but to have the attitude of a victor. If Jesus conquered sin and death, then He certainly beat this headache. Through Him, I get to take part in that victory.

What discourages you? What weighs you down? Keep singing.