Seeking Stillness

This post was written for the weekly Five Minute Friday blog linkup. Each week, writers respond to a one-word prompt by writing for five minutes, then share their unedited writing with each other. Click here to join the fun!

This week’s prompt: Still.

In our fast-paced American culture, it is easy to be anything but still. Especially in the college sphere, we can effortlessly fill up every hour with activities: social outings, homework, events, conversations. Many days, the only time I slow down is to sleep.

Next semester, I want to make more time to be still—”cease striving”—and sit in the presence of God (Psalm 46:10 NASB). I want to schedule times to reflect on who He is and what He is teaching me.

During this break, I will have extra time for such reflection. I pray that I will use it wisely, celebrating what God has done over the past four months and anticipating what He will do in the next. I believe He wants to speak to me in the stillness of home, in the moments I have all to myself. I look forward to getting the 30,000-foot view of the semester now that I’m removed from the city and the campus where it was spent.

How have you made time for stillness, silence, and solitude in the midst of a busy schedule? How do you manage not to lose sight of the God you’re living for in the midst of living for Him?