Fall 2018,  Five Minute Friday

Potential for Revival

This post was written for the weekly Five Minute Friday blog linkup. Each week, writers respond to a one-word prompt by writing for five minutes, then share their unedited writing with each other. Click here to join the fun!

This week’s prompt: Potential.

I think of all the people in the Church, especially young people, who are apathetic about Jesus, unaware of the power of the gospel. They have so much potential—my generation could rock the world with revival, but so many of us are desensitized to the wonder of the gift we’ve been given.

If we understood the power of God, His immensity, His love for us, and the abundant life and freedom and joy we have access to because of Christ’s sacrifice, it would change the way we live. We wouldn’t be able to walk away unchanged. If we allowed the message to really sink in, we’d be telling everyone we met about our Savior and King and want everyone to know Him. We would be on our knees every day asking God to bring healing and hope to the lost people around us.

I live in a big city with thousands of searching souls in desperate need of the gospel. What if my 400 classmates and I were set on fire again, eager to share God’s love and the good news with everyone we met? There would be potential for the greatest revival Chicago has ever seen.