Fall 2018,  Five Minute Friday,  FMF 31-Day Challenge 2018

Day 22: Help

This month, I’m participating in a Five Minute Friday challenge called “31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes,” responding to a one-word prompt for five minutes each day in October. Click here to join in!

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. I think I’m so strong on my own. I think I can navigate life all by myself, because I’m a big girl now, right? I’m a legal adult–can’t I handle this on my own? Haha! What an idea. Little me, thinking I can just mosey through life without consulting the One who holds all knowledge and wisdom.

Why on earth would I try to live on my own strength when I am literally indwelled by the God of the universe, who has all power and resources at His disposal and is ready and willing to intervene in my everyday life?

Today I’m going to ask for help. I’ll ask Him to guide me as I make little decisions and interact with other little people who are just as helpless as I am. We all need to lean on our Father who is far more capable than we are.

You’re not weak if you ask for help. I take that back–you are weak, and that’s why you need to ask your Maker and your brothers and sisters for help. Let’s remember that together today.