Summer 2019

  • Summer 2019

    How to Have a Salty Conversation

    A conversation can take many forms. It can be had using voices between two or more people who are present together physically. It can be carried on using phone speakers, sometimes allowing participants to see as well as hear each other. A conversation can be had by writing words with a pen or pencil on a sticky note or a card or a piece of stationery, to be left on a desk or sent in the mail. Many conversations are transmitted via short messages typed with the thumbs, full of abbreviations and punctuation errors. Regardless of what mode of communication you use the most, I’m willing to bet you find…

  • Summer 2019

    Why I’m Thankful to Have Two Home Churches

    Two Homes? When I returned to New Life Community Church in Chicago after spring break in March, my friend gave me a hug and said, “Welcome home!” When I returned to Chapel Pointe (CP) in Michigan after finals week in May, many people gave me hugs and said, “Welcome home!” Now I was confused. How could I feel at home in two places? How could people in two different states think I belonged with them and was part of their community? Ever since I was 17 months old, my family and I have attended the same church in West Michigan. Most of my good friends went to my church and…