Fall 2018


Anxiety comes like a tidal wave and throws me into confusion

Mental illness showing through the cracks of a broken person

Can’t think, can’t breathe yet breathing too much

Can’t speak, yet speaking incessantly

Can’t express what’s going on inside of me

Frozen, thoughts get stuck in my brain like a beetle trying to wade through mud

Grasping for hands, for hugs, for help

Reaching for sanity, for peace, for air

Anxiety rears its ugly head like a beast that’s been waiting to pounce

My heart is pounding like a bass drum, speeding down a railroad track, the world is a blur

Wringing my hands, biting my nails, the tears come with the feeling of helplessness

I can’t sit still but I can’t move

Can’t catch my breath

Can’t fix myself

Can’t calm these nerves

Yet through the fog and the chaos and the torrential fear

I hear the Voice:

Be still, My child, My beloved

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are Mine

This too will pass

A breath in light of eternity

You can’t see the end, but trust Me, it’s coming

I will pull you out of this muck

I will calm your clenched fists, your clenched heart

Cling to Me, and I will give your soul rest